embargo [em?bɑ?ɡ?u] vt. 禁止(船舶进入港口或贸易)

embark [im?bɑ?k] v. ①乘船,上船,搭载


embarrass [im?b?r?s] vt. ①使尴尬,使为难


He was embarrassed by debts. 他因债务而局促不安。

It is rather____that we still do not know how many species there are in the world today.

A. misleading

B. bewildering

C. boring

D. embarrassing

【答案】D. embarrass vt. 使窘迫,使为难,使尴尬(如This request would embarrass Mr. Robin. He was embarrassed at such a request/by the question/with offers of assistance. He wore an embarrassed expression.)。embarrassing a. 令人尴尬的,使人窘迫的(如She found herself in an embarrassing position. Don't ask embarrassing questions.)。misleading a. 把人引入歧途的,使人误解的。bewildering a. 令人困惑的,使人迷惑不解的。boring a. 使人厌烦的。

embassy [?emb?si] n. 大使馆,大使馆全体工作人员

【试题精练】The brutal bombing by the U.S. and its NATO allies of the Chinese____in Belgrade evoked great indignation of all China.

A. Embassy

B. Commission

C. Consulate

D. Corps

【答案】A. embassy n. 大使馆。commission n.(负责处理某项事务的)委员会。consulate n. 领事馆。corps n.(从事同类专业工作的)团,队。

embed [em?bed] vt. ①把……嵌入(或埋入、插入),扎牢


facts embedded in one's memory 深留记忆中的事实

embody [im?b?di] vt. ①表达,体现


v. 代表,作为……的象征

emerge [i?m???] vi. 出现;显露,产生

Several international events in the early 1990s seem likely to reverse, or at least weaken, the trends that emerged in the 1980s. 20纪世90年代早期的几件国际事件似乎很可能逆转,或者至少减弱80年代出现的趋势。

emergency [i?m????nsi] n. 紧急情况,突然事件

①in an emergency(=in case of emergency)遇到紧急情况,在紧急关头②rise to the emergency [occasion] 能够应付紧急事变

【试题精练】An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of____.

A. urgency

B. danger

C. emergency

D. crisis

【答案】C. emergency n. 紧急情况,不测事件(常用搭配:in an emergency; in case of emergency/emergencies; declare the country in a state of emergency 宣布国家处于紧急状态)。urgency n. 紧急,迫切,紧迫性。danger n. 危险。crisis n. (pl. crises) 危机,危急关头,决定性时刻。

emigrate [?emiɡreit] vi. 移居外国,移民

eminent [?emin?nt] a. 卓越的,提炼的,显赫的

emission [i?mi?(?)n] n. ①散发,发射


emit [i?mit] vt. 发出,放射

Why does the rocket____those long streams of flame and smoke?

A. throw

B. omit

C. emit

D. transmit

【答案】C. emit vt. 散发,发射(如Boiling water emits steam. Fireflies emit light but not heat.)。throw vt. 扔,抛,投。omit vt. 省略,删节;遗漏,疏忽。transmit vt. 播送,发射;传送,传递,输送。

emperor [?emp?r?(r)] n. 皇帝

emphasis [?emf?sis] n. 强调,重点

①give emphasis to 着重,强调②lay [place, put] emphasis on [upon] 注重,着重于,强调,加强(语气),重读

【长难例句】As the children become financially independent of the family, the emphasis on family financial security will shift from protection to save for the retirement years. 随着孩子们在经济上越来越独立,家庭的经济保障重点将从抚养孩子转向退休后的生活储蓄。

【试题精练】Allen placed too much____on sports and not enough on his studies.

A. importance

B. emphasis

C. interest

D. worth

【答案】B. emphasis(on) n. 强调,重点(put/lay/place emphasis on/upon sth; give emphasis to sth)。importance n. 重要性(attach importance to 重视;be of importance 重要的)。interest (in) n. 兴趣。worth n. 价值(后三个名词不与place…on 搭配)。

emphasize/-ise [?emf?saiz] vt. 强调,着重,突出

empirical [em?pirik(?)l] a. 经验主义的

enable [i?neib(?)l] vt. ①使……能够,使……可以


The rights protection law for the consumers enables any impaired consumers to claim money from the company. 保护消费者权益法使任何受损害的消费者有向公司索赔的权利。

【习惯用语】enable sb to (do) 使人能(做)……

【长难例句】Telecommunications developments enable the sending of messages via television, radio, and very shortly, electronic mail to bombard people with multitudes of messages. 电讯技术的发展使信息可以通过电视、收音机来传递,很快电子邮件的出现会让人们受到无数信息的狂轰滥炸。

【试题精练】This bird's large wings____it to fly very fast.

A. make

B. cause

C. ensure

D. enable

【答案】D. enable (sb to+动词原形) vt. 使……能够(做某事)。make (sb do sth) vt. 使……做。cause (sb to+动词原形) vt. 使……做。ensure vt. 保证,担保(句型:ensure sb sth; ensure that…; ensure sb against loss/danger)。

enclose [in?kl?uz] vt. ①围住,圈起


enclosure [in?kl?u??(r)] n. ①附件(随函)②圈地,围地③围起来的场地There's a special enclosure where you can look at the horses before the race starts. 这里有一处特备的围场,在比赛前你可以先看看马。

encounter [in?kaunt?(r)] vt./n. ①遇上,遭遇到


encyclop(a)edia [en?saikl?u?pi?di?] n. 百科全书

endeavo(u)r [in?dev?(r)] vi./n. 努力,尽力

endow [in?dau] vt. ①捐赠,资助②赋予

v. 改进

endurance [in?dju?r?ns] n. ①忍耐(力)


endure [in?dju?(r); (US) in?du?r]v. ①忍受,忍耐;持续


They can not endure much longer. 他们再也支持不了多久了。

【词义辨析】endure, abide和tolerate


【试题精练】Humidity is so intense in some parts of the tropics that Europeans find they are unable to____it.

A maintain

B. endure

C. persist

D. sustain

【答案】B. endure vt. 忍受,忍耐,容忍;vi. 持久,持续。maintain vt. 保持,维持;保养,维修。persist (in) vi. 坚持不懈,执意;持续,存留。sustain vt. 保持,使持续;供养,维持(生命)。

energetic [?en??d?etik] a. 精力充沛的,有力气的

enforce [in?f??s] vt. ①实施,实行;强制执行


engage [in?ɡeid?] v. ①使从事;聘用;订婚


This wheel engages with that wheel. 这个轮子与那个轮子啮合。


They engaged the enemy. 他们与敌人交战。

【习惯用语】①be engaged by 为……所吸引

②be engaged [engage oneself] to 与…订婚

③in engaged 正做着,正忙着

At this moment he was____in a very violent argument with someone.

A busy

B. absorbed

C. engaged

D. fascinated

【答案】C. be engaged in 从事,忙于(如He was busily engaged in writing letters.)。busy a. 忙的,繁忙的(句型:be busy with/at/about/over sth; be busy+动词ing形式)。absorbed in 被……吸引住,专注于,聚精会神(干……)。fascinate vt. 强烈地吸引住,迷住(应说be fascinated by/with sth, 不说fascinated in)。

engagement [in?ɡeid?m?nt] n. ①订婚,婚约②约会,约定

engine [?end?in]n. ①发动机;机车


engineer [?end?i?ni?(r)] n. 工程师;技师

【习惯用语】①engineer in charge 主管工程师②engineer in chief 总工程师③engineer into 设计[制造]成为

engineering [?end?i?ni?ri?] n. ①工程学②设计 the engineering of the new railway 新铁路的设计

enlighten [in?lait(?)n] vt. 启发,开导

enquire/inquire [in?kwai?(r)] v. 询问

enroll/enroll [in?r?ul] v. [亦作enrol]登记,招收,使入伍(或入会、入学等),参加,成为成员

entail [in?teil] vt. 蕴涵;必须;使承担

enterprise [?ent?praiz] n. 企业,事业,计划,事业心,进取心,干事业

entertain [?ent??tein] v. ①款待;娱乐


entertainment [?ent??teinm?nt] n. 娱乐,文娱节目,表演会

【试题精练】The city offers all kinds of ____ for young and old: music, games and dancing.

A. sports

B. arts

C. engagements

D. entertainment

【答案】D. entertainment n. 娱乐活动;文娱节目(如A cinema is a place of entertainment. Dramatic entertainments were given two or three times a year.)。sport n. 体育运动。art n. 艺术。engagement n. 约会,预约;订婚,婚约。

enthusiasm [in?θju?zi?z(?)m; (US)-?θu?-] n. 热心,热情;积极性;爱好

【习惯用语】①arouse enthusiasm in sb 引起某人的兴趣②arouse the enthusiasm of 激发……的积极性③be full of enthusiasm about 热衷于

enthusiastic [in?θju?zi??stik] a. 热心的,热情的

entitle [in?tait(?)l] vt. 给……权利;给……定名

①be entitled 叫做,称为,题目是(The novel is entitled Pride and Prejudice. 那本小说叫《傲慢与偏见》。)②be entitled to [to do] sth 对……享有权利,值得;有(做某事)的资格[权利]

This ticket____you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

A. gives

B. entitles

C. grants

D. credits

【答案】B. entitle vt. 给……权利,给……资格(句型:entitle sb to sth; entitle sb to+动词原形)。give vt. 给予(跟双宾语)。grant vt. 授予,同意,准予(跟双宾语)。credit vt. 信任,相信(credit sth; credit sth to sb/sth)。

entity [?entiti] n. 存在,实体

It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are entitled to free medical care. 众所周知,在我们国家退休工人有权享受免费医疗。

entrepreneur [??ntr?pr??n??(r)] n. 企业家

The republication of the poet's most recent works will certainly____his national reputation.

A. magnify

B. strengthen

C. enlarge

D. enhance

【答案】D. enhance vt. 提高(价值、质量、名声、吸引力等);增加,增强,增进(如The moonlight enhanced the beauty of the scene. The growth of a city enhances the value of land close to it.)。magnify vt. 放大,扩大;夸大,夸张。strengthen vt. 加强,巩固。enlarge vt. 放大,扩大。

envelope [?env?l?up] n. 信封

envisage [in?vizid?] vt. 想象,设想

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